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Arja Juvonen The Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Member of Parliament  20.04.2011–

Name: Juvonen, Arja
Telephone: 09 432 3060
Home page:
Electoral district: Electoral District of Uusimaa 20.04.2011–
Present memberships in committees: Social Affairs and Health Committee (member) 09.06.2015–
Committee for the Future (deputy member) 09.06.2015–
Council to the Itsenäisyyden juhlavuoden lastensäätiö (member) 23.02.2018–
Earlier memberships in committees: Legal Affairs Committee (deputy member) 03.05.2011–05.02.2013, (member) 06.02.2013–21.04.2015, (deputy member) 05.05.2015–08.06.2015
Social Affairs and Health Committee (member) 03.05.2011–05.02.2013
Employment and Equality Committee (deputy member) 03.05.2011–21.04.2015
Administration Committee (deputy member) 12.12.2013–21.04.2015
Finance Committee (deputy member) 05.05.2015–08.06.2015
Defence Committee (member) 05.05.2015–08.06.2015
Audit Committee (member) 09.06.2015–29.06.2017
Parliamentary Trustees of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (deputy member) 30.06.2011–08.06.2015
Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council (member) 09.06.2015–09.02.2017
Parliamentary group: The Finns Party Parliamentary Group 28.06.2017 –
Earlier parliamentary groups: The Finns Party Parliamentary Group 20.04.2011–12.06.2017
Parliamentary Group Juvonen 13.06.2017–27.06.2017