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Erkki Tuomioja Social Democratic Parliamentary Group
Member of Parliament  23.03.1970–23.03.1979, 22.03.1991–

Name: Tuomioja, Erkki
Telephone: 09 432 3183
Home page:
Electoral district: Electoral District of Helsinki 24.03.1999–
Earlier electoral districts: Helsinki constituency 23.03.1970 - 23.03.1979
Helsinki constituency 22.03.1991 - 23.03.1999
Present memberships in committees: Foreign Affairs Committee (member) 09.06.2015–
Defence Committee (deputy member) 09.06.2015–
Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council (member) 09.06.2015–, (vice chair) 08.02.2019–
Advisory Council of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (member) 04.06.2015–31.05.2019
Earlier memberships in committees: Speaker's Council (member) 04.05.2007–22.06.2011
Foreign Affairs Committee (member) 1970–1978, (member) 11.04.1991–14.04.1999, (Chair) 07.04.1999–14.04.1999, (deputy member) 03.05.2007–22.06.2011
Education and Culture Committee (member) 1970–1970, (deputy member) 05.02.1971–16.09.1971, (member) 17.09.1971–26.09.1975
Second Law Committee (member) 1971–1971
Banking Committee (deputy member) 1976–1977
Grand Committee (member) 11.04.1991–20.12.1993, (member) 28.04.1995–23.03.1999, (Chair) 28.04.1995–24.03.1999, (member) 03.05.2007–22.06.2011, (Chair) 04.05.2007–22.06.2011
Commerce Committee (Chair) 11.04.1991–07.05.1991
Working Subcommittee of the Grand Committee (Chair) 09.05.2007–19.04.2011
Revisors (deputy member) 1970–1971
Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council (deputy member) 1970–1972, (member) 1972–1978, (member) 11.04.1991–15.11.1996, (vice chair) 11.04.1991–03.11.1993, (deputy member) 20.11.1996–23.03.1999, (member) 07.04.1999–22.04.1999, (member) 03.05.2007–29.06.2011
Commissioners to the Government Guarantee Fund (member) 01.05.1996–15.11.1996
Board of the Library of Parliament (member) 02.04.2003–29.06.2011, (vice chair) 02.04.2003–02.05.2007, (Chair) 03.05.2007–29.06.2011
Finnish Delegation to the Joint Commission of the European Parliament and the Finnish Parliament (member) 01.01.1993–31.12.1994
Finnish Delegation to the EFTA Parliamentarians' Committee (member) 21.12.1993–31.12.1994, (Chair) 21.12.1993–15.02.1994, (vice chair) 16.02.1994–31.12.1994
Finnish Delegation to the Parliamentary Joint Commission of the European Economic Area (member) 21.12.1993–31.12.1994, (Chair) 21.12.1993–14.02.1994, (vice chair) 15.02.1994–31.12.1994
Forum for International Affairs (member) 20.06.2007–22.06.2011
Parliamentary group: Social Democratic Parliamentary Group 22.03.1991 –
Earlier parliamentary groups: The Social Democratic Parliamentary Group 23.03.1970–23.03.1979
Position in the parliamentary group: The Social Democratic Parliamentary Group (vice chair) 03.04.1991–06.11.1996
The Social Democratic Parliamentary Group (chair) 07.11.1996–23.03.1999
Member of the Government:
Minister: Minister of Trade and Industry (Lipponen II) 15.04.1999–24.02.2000
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Lipponen II) 25.02.2000–16.04.2003
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Jäätteenmäki) 17.04.2003–23.06.2003
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Vanhanen) 24.06.2003–18.04.2007
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Katainen) 22.06.2011–23.06.2014
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Stubb) 24.06.2014–28.05.2015