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Erkki Tuomioja

Erkki Tuomioja

Current Member of Parliament

Social Democratic Parliamentary Group

Member of Parliament   23.03.1970–23.03.1979, 22.03.1991–

09 432 3183
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Profession / Title:
Doctor in Social Sciences, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Electoral district:
Electoral District of Helsinki 24.03.1999–
Present memberships in committees:
Constitutional Law Committee (deputy member) 03.04.2020–
Foreign Affairs Committee (member) 09.06.2015–, (vice chair) 02.05.2019–
Defence Committee (member) 18.06.2019–
Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council (member) 09.06.2015–, (Chair) 18.06.2019–, (vice chair) 08.02.2019–16.04.2019
Board of the Library of Parliament (vice chair) 18.06.2019–
Advisory Council of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (member) 04.06.2015–31.05.2023
The Finnish Delegation to the Asia - Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting (member) 19.06.2019–
Forum for International Affairs (member) 18.06.2019–
Member of the Government:
  • Minister of Trade and Industry (Lipponen II) 15.04.1999–24.02.2000
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs (Lipponen II) 25.02.2000–16.04.2003
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs (Jäätteenmäki) 17.04.2003–23.06.2003
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs (Vanhanen) 24.06.2003–18.04.2007
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs (Katainen) 22.06.2011–23.06.2014
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs (Stubb) 24.06.2014–28.05.2015

Earlier memberships and positions held at parliament