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Paula Risikko

Paula Risikko

Parliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party

Member of Parliament   19.03.2003–

09 432 3107
Home page:
Electoral district:
Electoral District of Vaasa 19.03.2003–
Present memberships in committees:
Speaker's Council (member) 18.06.2019–
Education and Culture Committee (Chair) 18.06.2019–
Forum for International Affairs (member) 18.06.2019–
Member of the Government:
  • Minister of Health and Social Services (Vanhanen II) 19.04.2007–21.06.2010
  • Minister at the Ministry of Environment (Vanhanen II) 19.04.2007–01.01.2008
  • Minister of Health and Social Services (Kiviniemi) 22.06.2010–21.06.2011
  • Minister of Social Affairs and Health (Katainen) 22.06.2011–23.06.2014
  • Minister of Transport and Local Government (Stubb) 24.06.2014–28.05.2015
  • Minister of the Interior (Sipilä) 22.06.2016–05.02.2018

Earlier memberships and positions held at parliament