Anne Kalmari

Anne Kalmari

Current Member of Parliament

Centre Party Parliamentary Group

Member of Parliament   21.03.2007–

09 432 3073
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Profession / Title:
Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry, farm entrepreneur
Electoral district:
Electoral District of Central Finland 21.03.2007–
Present memberships in committees:
Speaker's Council (member) 02.05.2019–
Grand Committee (member) 02.05.2019–
Foreign Affairs Committee (deputy member) 03.04.2020–
Finance Committee (deputy member) 11.12.2019–
Communications Subcommittee (member) 14.02.2020–
Subcommittee for Municipal and Health Affairs (member) 14.02.2020–
Agriculture and Forestry Committee (member) 30.06.2011–, (Chair) 09.05.2017–
Inter-Parliamentary Union, Finnish Group (member) 10.09.2019–
Forum for International Affairs (member) 02.05.2019–

Earlier memberships and positions held at parliament