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Johanna Ojala-Niemelä

Johanna Ojala-Niemelä

Current Member of Parliament

Social Democratic Parliamentary Group

Member of Parliament   21.03.2007–


09 432 3157



Profession / Title:

Master of Laws with court training, vocational qualification in foreign trade

Electoral district:

Electoral District of Lapland 21.03.2007–

Present memberships in committees:

Speaker's Council (member) 02.06.2021–
Constitutional Law Committee (member) 01.06.2021–, (Chair) 02.06.2021–
Audit Committee (member) 18.06.2019–
Council to the Itsenäisyyden juhlavuoden lastensäätiö (deputy member) 18.06.2019–
Forum for International Affairs (member) 02.06.2021–