Members of Parliament

The Finnish Parliament has two hundred members, who are elected for a term of four years. Members belong to parliamentary groups, of which there are currently eight.For the purposes of parliamentary elections, the country has been divided into 13 electoral districts. A number of representatives proportional to the number of Finnish citizens residing in the electoral district six months prior to the elections are elected from each electoral district. However, from the electoral district of Åland is always elected one representative.

Seats in the Parliament after 2015 elections:

Centre Party Parliamentary Group 49
National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group 37
The Social Democratic Parliamentary Group 35
Blue Reform Parliamentary Group 19
The Finns Party Parliamentary Group 17
Green Parliamentary Group 15
Left Alliance Parliamentary Group 12
Swedish Parliamentary Group 10
Christian Democratic Parliamentary Group 5

Results of the 2015 parliamentary elections were confirmed on 22th April. As a result of the 2015 parliamentary elections there are 116 male representatives and 84 female representatives. The average age of the representatives is 47,3 years. There are 14 members in the Parliament under the age of 30 years old. 

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