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Agriculture and Forestry Committee


Agriculture and Forestry Committee

The task of the Agriculture and Forestry Committee is to deal with matters that concern agriculture and forestry, water resources management, rural livelihoods, veterinary medicine, food hygiene and inspections, hunting and fishing (also game management and fishing fees), reindeer herding, animal protection, land survey, real-estate parcelling, mapping and registration functions as well as geodetic research.




Anne Kalmari KalmariCentre Party Parliamentary Group

 Vice Chairperson



Kari Kulmala KulmalaBlue Reform Parliamentary Group




Markku Eestilä EestiläParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Pertti Hakanen HakanenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Teuvo Hakkarainen HakkarainenThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Hanna Halmeenpää HalmeenpääGreen Parliamentary Group
Lasse Hautala HautalaCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Reijo Hongisto HongistoBlue Reform Parliamentary Group
Susanna Koski KoskiParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Jari Myllykoski MyllykoskiLeft Alliance Parliamentary Group
Mats Nylund NylundSwedish Parliamentary Group
Juha Pylväs PylväsCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Arto Satonen SatonenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Tytti Tuppurainen TuppurainenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Eerikki Viljanen ViljanenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Harry Wallin WallinSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Peter Östman ÖstmanChristian Democratic Parliamentary Group

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​​Agriculture and Forestry Committee
tel. +358 9 4321