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Constitutional Law Committee


Constitutional Law Committee

Committee whose principal function is to issue statements on bills sent to it for consideration and on the constitutionality of other matters and their bearing on international human rights instruments.

The Constitutional Law Committee drafts the Constitution as well as legislation closely connected to it, such as the legislation pertaining to autonomy of Åland, election, citizenship, language and defence. The Constitutional Law Committee also deals with matters having to do with the alleged malfeasance of a minister, the reports of the Chancellor of Justice and the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Government Annual Report.

Furthermore, the Committee conducts an assessment of those who have registered an interest in the position of Parliamentary Ombudsman and Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman for purposes of the election of these officials that is held in a plenary session.




Annika Lapintie LapintieLeft Alliance Parliamentary Group

 Vice Chairperson



Tapani Tölli TölliCentre Party Parliamentary Group




Maria Guzenina GuzeninaSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Anna-Maja Henriksson HenrikssonSwedish Parliamentary Group
Hannu Hoskonen HoskonenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Ilkka Kantola KantolaSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Kimmo Kivelä KiveläBlue Reform Parliamentary Group
Antti Kurvinen KurvinenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Mia Laiho LaihoParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Markus Lohi LohiCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Leena Meri MeriThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Outi Mäkelä Mäkelä
Ville Niinistö NiinistöGreen Parliamentary Group
Juha Rehula RehulaCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Wille Rydman RydmanParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Ville Skinnari SkinnariSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Matti Torvinen TorvinenBlue Reform Parliamentary Group
Kaj Turunen TurunenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party

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​Constitutional Law Committee
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