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Defence Committee


Defence Committee

The task of the Defence Committee is to deal with matters concerning conscription, the Defence Forces, legislation concerning exceptional circumstances (unless the matter belongs to the remit of another committee) as well as those aspects of peacekeeping operations that are not the responsibility of the Foreign Affairs Committee.




Ilkka Kanerva KanervaParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party

 Vice Chairperson



Mika Kari KariSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group




Thomas Blomqvist BlomqvistSwedish Parliamentary Group
Timo Heinonen HeinonenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Marisanna Jarva JarvaCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Antti Kaikkonen KaikkonenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Seppo Kääriäinen KääriäinenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Krista Mikkonen MikkonenGreen Parliamentary Group
Markus Mustajärvi MustajärviLeft Alliance Parliamentary Group
Riitta Mäkinen MäkinenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Lea Mäkipää MäkipääBlue Reform Parliamentary Group
Sirpa Paatero PaateroSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Markku Pakkanen PakkanenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Jaana Pelkonen PelkonenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Mika Raatikainen RaatikainenThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Jari Ronkainen RonkainenThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Mikko Savola SavolaCentre Party Parliamentary Group

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​Defence Committee
tel. 09 432 2078