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Commerce Committee


Commerce Committee

The Commerce Committee deals with matters relating to trade, industry, the energy economy, business, competition, consumer protection, banks and other financial institutions, private insurance, the financial and securities markets and the Bank of Finland.





Kaj Turunen TurunenBlue Reform Parliamentary Group

 Vice Chairperson



Harri Jaskari JaskariParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party




Harry Harkimo HarkimoParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Petri Honkonen HonkonenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Hannu Hoskonen HoskonenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Laura Huhtasaari HuhtasaariThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Lauri Ihalainen IhalainenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Katri Kulmuni KulmuniCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Eero Lehti LehtiParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Markus Lohi LohiCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Martti Mölsä MölsäBlue Reform Parliamentary Group
Johanna Ojala-Niemelä Ojala-NiemeläSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Arto Pirttilahti PirttilahtiCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Hanna Sarkkinen SarkkinenLeft Alliance Parliamentary Group
Ville Skinnari SkinnariSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Joakim Strand StrandSwedish Parliamentary Group
Antero Vartia VartiaGreen Parliamentary Group

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​Commerce Committee
tel. +358 9 432 2088