How eduskunta works

Parliament enacts all legislation in Finland and approves the Budget. It also elects the Prime Minister, oversees the Government, ratifies international treaties and influences European Union matters. Read more

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Visiting Parliament

Visitors are welcome to observe plenary sessions from the public gallery. Our guided tours offer also an opportunity to discover the Parliament House.

Read more of the Library of Parliament.

Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament is a public library serving MPs, researchers and all citizens in.

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Brochures and videos

Visitors can learn more about Parliament and the work of an MP from brochures and short videos.

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Buildings and art

Constructed as a monument to independence and democracy, Parliament House is a work of art.

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Visitor's Centre

Parliamentary groups, MPs and Information and Communication Department organize events for the public in the Visitor's Centre.

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Media Centre

Parliament strives to serve the media actively and to create good working conditions for the media.

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Photo archive

Photographs related to Parliament and parliamentary work are stored in Parliament’s photo archive.

Read more about the history of the parliament.

Brief history of Parliament

For over a century, MPs elected to Parliament have represented the will of the Finnish people.