Materials and library subjects

The Library of Parliament serves as the central library providing materials on the Parliament, law and social and political sciences and as the central archive for the Finnish Parliament. The Library serves anyone seeking information in these fields. The library collections and materials can be accessed at the Library and online.

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The collection policy of the Library is to provide open access to all citizens. The Library acquires publications, purchases user rights to online materials and collates information on online materials with free access. Both printed and electronic materials are available.

Materials on the Parliament and the Archive of Parliament

The Library of Parliament provides materials related to parliamentary work. The Archive includes original documents and other materials, such as photographs.

Finnish law

One of the roles of the Library of Parliament is to serve as the central public library on law. The Library compiles packages that contain material on key legislative initiatives.

Foreign law

The Library of Parliament’s collection on foreign law focuses on constitutional law, legal policy and comparative law. It also includes legal sources of different countries.  

Society, politics and history

The Library of Parliament provides information on society, political activities, the development of states, current affairs and history.

The European Union

The Library of Parliament has an extensive collection on the EU. Our website contains a wealth of information on the key information sources of the EU as well as on the decisions and documents pertaining to the EU economic crisis.

International law and international organisations

The Library of Parliament is a specialist library on and for international organisations, disseminating information on international law and the activities of international organisations.