​Materials on the Parliament and the Archive of Parliament

The Library and Archive of Parliament provide customers with access to printed and original documents related specifically to the work of the Parliament. We also offer consultation, training and comprehensive search services in relation to these as well as other archive materials.

Information on parliamentary materials

The main body of the parliamentary materials kept at the Library and Archive of Parliament are the printed parliamentary documents. In addition, the collections also include an extensive range of other related documents, materials and literature.

Information package on Parliamentary documents

The parliamentary documents include documentation processed and generated by the Parliament, minutes and catalogues. Much of the material is available in electronic format.
The information package is available on our Finnish and Swedish pages. Valtiopäiväasiakirjat-tietopaketti and
Informationspaket om riksdagshandlingarna

The Arkadia Collection – literature by Members of Parliament

The Library of Parliament stocks books authored or edited by Members of the Finnish Parliament on politics and parliamentary work in a special Arkadia Collection.

Information package on the original and other archive materials

The Archive of Parliament stores all documentation generated in the course of parliamentary processes and administrative and photographic materials concerning the Parliament. The information package is on our Finnish and Swedish pages. Eduskunnan arkiston alkuperäis- ja muut aineistot and Originalhandlingarna och de övriga handlingarna i riksdagens arkiv

Publications on the Parliament

All key publications on the Parliament are listed in the Library of Parliament’s Selma collection database.