​Library of Parliament’s EU collection

The Library of Parliament has an extensive EU collection which includes, for example, publications, working documents, directives, treaties and databases. The collection contains also older material, such as the Official Journals of the European Communities since 1958. The Information Service of the Library of Parliament answers all EU-related questions and provides information management training concerning the EU data sources.

The EU collection is physically located in three different places in the library. Some of the older material is located in a closed storage, material not on loan in the reading room and most of the loanable material in the library’s Open Access Collections (shelf number 31). Collection material can be searched for through the Library of Parliament’s Selma collection database. The library’s EKS subject headings may be useful when searching for items. The EU-themed subject headings are in class 31. The EU information is used, for example, by the Information Services of ministries, researchers and students.

​The EU’s depository library

The Library of Parliament has had partial EU depository library rights since 1974. The library systematically receives the most significant EU documents and publications to its collections. The library also acquires other EU-themed literature from commercial publishers. The Library of Parliament received full European Documentation Centre (EDC) rights in 2018 by signing a depository library agreement with the European Commission.

Due to the EU depository library status, the Library of Parliament actively participates in the cooperation between the EU networks in Finland as well as in Member States. The most significant forms of action are joint training events and the sharing of current information through a mailing list. In addition, the library prepares an annual report on its actions concerning EU information to the European Commission. In Finland, the operations of the EU depository libraries and other EU networks are coordinated by the European Commission Delegation in Finland (in Finnish).

​Library of Parliament services

The collections, services and expertise of the Library of Parliament are available to everyone. Our customer service assists and guides you with the use of the library, its collections and databases. You can contact our customer service by calling +358 (0)9 432 3423 or via email library.informationservice@parliament.fi.

We search for information and material from the Library of Parliament’s own collections, online sources as well as from domestic and foreign databases for which the library has access rights. The services of the Information Service are mostly free of charge.

Examples of our EU collection material:
EU law-related material
European integration-related material
Guides to the European Union

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Text: Tommi Peuhkurinen, Marc 2021, e-mail: forename.surname@eduskunta.fi