​The Archive of Parliament services

Customer Services also assists in matters pertaining to the Archive of Parliament. You can contact the archive specialists by email at archive@parliament.fi. The Archive is open between 09:00 and 15 Mon-Fri. Archive Director is Jari Suutari, tel. +358 9 432 3460.

Most of the documents in the Archive of Parliament are available to all users. The use of some of the materials, such as the Oral History Archive of former MPs, requires a permit. A small portion of the archive's photo collection is available through Parliament's image bank. ​

​Archive information service

The Archive carries out small-scale searches of the archive documents free of charge. More extensive research work is subject to a charge. You may request electronic or paper copies of archive materials by phone, letter or e-mail. Copies are charged at a rate specified in the price list.

​Printed parliament documents and indices

Printed parliamentary documents can be read at the library or requested on loan. The loan copies of parliamentary documents are kept in Closed Stacks, and are available on request. To access loan copies, pl​ease complete a Closed Stacks item request in the Selma database​. 

To improve the use of printed documents the Parliament publishes annual and more long-term subject and personal indices. In addition, we have also compiled a guide for using parliamentary documentation (pdf in Finnish). The electronic parliamentary subject search is based on a controlled index maintained since 1989 and in Swedish since 1991. In addition, the parliamentary documents older than this, since 1919, have been described with unsystematic keywords.​

Ask to read microfilms, CD-ROMs or original documents

You can order original documents, microfilms or CD-ROMs from Customer Services by filling out a loan slip. When placing an order, please make use of the archive and microfilm catalogues available at Customer Services.

The committee documents are available on CD-ROMs from 2003 onwards. Instead of original documents, printed, microfilmed or otherwise, copied materials are used whenever possible.

The Parliament website provides information on the protocol of parliamentary processes, parliamentary documents, reports and statistics.


You may make photocopies of printed parliamentary documents using the photocopier provided for customer use. Microfilms can be copied as PDF files using a microfilm scanner. Copies of original documents are made by the library staff and are subject to a charge as specified in the price list​.​

More information about the Parliament photo archive services.

The photo archive of the Parliament stores photos associated with the Finnish Parliament and parliamentary work. Photos are also posted on Parliament's Flickr account.

More information about the Veteran Members of Parlliament Oral History Archive.

The Oral History Archive consists of interviews with former MPs. Permission is required to use the material.