Accessible map of the Parliament Building

This is narrated map including a description of the location and surroundings of the Parliament Building, and directions to its entrances.


The Parliament includes multiple buildings in Arkadianmäki, Helsinki, and the address is Mannerheimintie 30. The main building’s façade faces Mannerheimintie, and is 6 stories high. The first floor is at the height of 46 steps. This main entrance is used only by members of the parliament and invited guests, such as the president of Finland.

The Parliament’s buildings are confined by Mannerheimintie to the east, where the façade faces, Aurorankatu to the north that curves to Nervanderinkatu in the west and Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu to the south. South of the Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu is Baana, and to the south of that before Arkadiankatu is the Little Parliament.

To the north of the Parliament Building is Parliament Park before Aurorankatu. There are two wings to the main building, one on each side. A wing to the south and B wing to the north. From Mannerheimintie, behind the main building and its wings is Parliament Library that attaches to Parliament office building in south. This office building is attached to Sibelius Academy in south. The Sibelius Academy and B wing are by Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu. 



Auditorium and committee meeting rooms.

Access from Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu. From Mannerheimintie, after 40 metres is a zebra crossing and sidewalk turns to right, perpendicular to the façade of A wing. Main entrance stairs begin after 30 metres, and A entrance is at the height of 16 steps towards Mannerheimintie.


To public gallery and reserved guided tours.

Northeast corner of B wing, sidewalk perpendicular to Mannerheimintie leads directly to doors.


Public entrance of Parliament Library.

Address Aurorankatu 6, 3 steps down to doors, leftmost door reserved for public.


Parliament office, not for public.

Address Eduskuntakatu 4, doors on the West side, more accurately on the left at the end of street.

F, Little Parliament

Visitor’s Centre, Parliament Ombudsman, Little Parliament Auditorium.

Address Arkadiankatu 3, corner of building 60 metres from Mannerheimintie. Low granite barriers between the street and front of building, with gaps large enough to walk through. Row of columns in front of the façade to the East. Doors right at Arkadiankatu corner towards east.