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Parliament decided on closing restaurants

Published 4/3/2020 8:30 AM

Parliament decided on closing restaurants

​Restaurants in Finland are closed from April 4 to May 31st per a Government decree that the Parliament accepted on April 2nd. 

The temporary restriction was made to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants are allowed to sell products to customers for consumption outside the premises. The restriction does not concern cafeterias and canteens not open to public, for example in places of employment or in schools.

The Government first proposed a change to the current law, which the Parliament accepted on March 28 and the President ratified on March 30. The law was in effect the same day.

The Parliament decision was made according to the committee report of the Commerce committee and a statement from the Constitutional Law committee. The Parliament discussion raised concern about regional differences in restrictions, that prompted the Government to submit a separate decree on March 31 to specify areas where restaurants must be closed during exceptional conditions.

The Ministry of employment and the economy will examine the situation with the Ministry of social affairs and health to determine whether restaurants in each province must stay closed.