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Committee for the Future launches three initiatives on COVID-19 consequences

Published 4/7/2020 3:50 PM
A gilded statue of a child waving their hand

The Future, a statue by Wäinö Aaltonen faces the members of the parliament in the plenary hall

Committee for the Future launches three initiatives on COVID-19 consequences

The Committee for the Future launches three initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the current pandemic, the Committee emphasizes we must be prepared for its consequences on different sectors of the society. While we work to slow and deter the current pandemic, risks and possibilities of the time after should be recognized. 

The aim of the first initiative is to assess which technologies prove the most efficient in deterring the pandemic. These are needed in facing any future pandemics and to prevent the spread of possible super bacteria resistant to antibiotics. 

The second initiative looks at how our preparedness system detected the COVID-19 pandemic, and if it did, how it reacted to these anticipations. The Committee will also find out if we have anticipatory information of other possible factors that could shock our society and all of humanity. 

The third initiative is a multidisciplinary round of hearings from experts on different areas of society to discover the consequences of the pandemic. In addition to challenging the welfare society and our economy, the consequences will affect the everyday welfare and sense of security of the people. Despite the severity of the situation, the Committee wishes to recognize any and all opportunities arisen from it. 

The Committee for the Future convenes a world assembly 

In addition to COVID-19 the Committee wishes to remind the public of other pressing challenges and opportunities our society is facing. To discover these the Committee launches four further initiatives. 

The first initiative aims to establish which technologies will best help us achieve the 17 goals of The 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. Alongside this initiative another, focused on ethical questions of technology through means of art, is implemented. 

The third initiative investigates international ecosystems and business models for digital business to increase Finland's competitiveness and knowledge in the sectors of economy based on new technology. 

The fourth initiative focuses the work of the committee on bottlenecks and limits to our welfare society. The challenges that existed before the pandemic have not disappeared, and some may further increase. The initiative aims to also express the hope and sustainability of the Finnish welfare society, as the Committee wishes to stress the opportunities of the challenging circumstances. 

The Committee for the Future has decided to convene a world assembly of all respective committees around the world during the current parliamentary term, as the global pandemic has further emphasized the need for international cooperation for anticipation.