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Committee for the Future: structural issues in society and green transition to forefront of economic revival

Published 5/7/2020 2:00 PM
Modified 5/7/2020 2:10 PM

Committee for the Future: structural issues in society and green transition to forefront of economic revival

Committee for the Future has given its statements on the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2021-2024 and EU's Green Deal. The committee emphasises the need to solve structural problems in the society and to support green transition in all measures taken to boost the economy after the COVID-19 crisis. Implementing the green transition and measures for economic recovery should be combined to solve a third challenge: global recession and debt crisis.

Despite the ongoing pandemic other issues have not disappeared. Growing age dependency ratio and regional inequality, and decline in insufficient and skilled workforce, tax base and national health are just examples of problems that may increase because of COVID-19, as the financing base for our welfare society weakens.

Secondly, the committee recognizes the green transition as the biggest challenge and the greatest investment of all of humanity. The decline of the environment is a catalyst for many other difficulties, and unsustainable development is a bigger threat to healt and economy than COVID-19. Every measure taken to boost the economy after the corona pandemic must tackle these other issues as well.

According to the committee, the Green Deal must be a factor in every EU program, strategy, goal, and action. For Finland, green transition may be an opportunity in technology-based solutions, as we are at the top of technology industry. The committee recognizes Finland as a country benefitting from the situation, as the market is ready for something Finland is already competitive in.

Finally, the committee states that innovation policy should be more ambitious in supporting innovative start-ups and enhance Finland's attractiveness as a destination for digital business, cleantech, and investments in research and development in environmental business.