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Parliament to discuss Supplementary budget proposal next week

Published 3/20/2020 2:00 PM

Parliament to discuss Supplementary budget proposal next week

The Government submitted the first supplementary budget proposal for 2020 to Parliament on Friday March 20.The supplementary budget proposal is aimed at covering expenses incurring from COVID-19 and easing the financial situation of Finnish companies.

The Government proposal was submitted in the plenary session of Friday March 20 at 1 pm without debate. Preliminary debate on the proposal is scheduled for Tuesday 24th's plenary session. The proposal will be decided on after the committee report of the Finance Committee in the following Thursday's plenary session.

The supplementary budget is centered on costs caused by the prevention and preparation measures related to the COVID-19, and all other releated necessary and urgent budgetary needs, such as easing the financing of Finnish companies.

The government will be evaluating the need for other immediate raises in appropriations and wider measures to support the economy in their meeting for the budget framework, and any later supplementary budget proposals of 2020.

Additional information on the proposal and its effects by government sector in a government bulletin (External link)