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Defence Committee: NATO membership is the best defence solution for Finland's security

Published 5/12/2022 12:00 PM
Door sign of the Defence Committee

Defence Committee: NATO membership is the best defence solution for Finland's security

​In its statement to the Foreign Affairs Committee, the parliamentary Defence Committee considers that NATO membership would be the best solution for Finland's overall security. The committee statement on the government report on changes in the security environment was issued on Tuesday, 10 May.

Although the performance of the Finnish Defence Forces is good and the defence has been purposefully developed for decades, Finland, as a small country, cannot create a deterrent that would guarantee the preservation of peace. Thus, the Committee sees that Finland must consider what support the strong national defence needs.

Finland engages in extensive bilateral and multilateral defence co-operation, but none of these forms of co-operation include security guarantees. From the point of view of defence planning, it is also unclear what kind of help Finland would receive from its partners in a crisis situation. The lack of security guarantees is also a key issue in the EU's mutual defence clause (42.7) in terms of creating deterrent. The Committee considers that the EU's mutual defence clause is important in itself and an EU country that was attacked would be supported by other member states.

According to the Committee, NATO membership would significantly raise the deterrent on Russia's military influence. Membership would also guarantee the strengthening of Finland's own national defence capabilities in the event of a crisis with NATO's significant military capabilities and would significantly improve Finland's military security of supply. In a tense situation, NATO forces could also be called on the ground for preventive purposes to raise the threshold for initiating or threatening hostilities against Finland.

In addition to NATO membership, it is important to continue international defence cooperation, at least at the current level, and to continue to develop credible national defence, as these defence circles are mutually supporti.

The representative of the Left Alliance in the Committee expressed a dissenting opinion.

In addition to the Defence Committee, nine other committees have given their statements on the government report to the Foreign Affairs Committee, which will prepare a report.​

Information about the parliamentary handling of the government report.​