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Follow-up debate on Government's Defence Report

Published 12/10/2021 10:00 AM

​Chairman of the Defence Committee Ilkka Kanerva in the Plenary Hall.

Follow-up debate on Government's Defence Report

​The follow-up debate on the Government's Defence​​ Report​ (link to the English version) on the basis of the Defence Committee report took place in plenary on Tuesday 7 December. The Defence Report was prepared in a cross-governmental cooperation, and the Parliamentary Monitoring Group was regularly consulted. The Defence Report guidelines cover a time period until the end of this decade.

The follow-up debate began with Defence Committee chairman Ilkka Kanerva's (National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group) presentation speech. According to Kanerva, Finland's foreign, security and defense policy is stable. The basic strategic choices for Finland's defense solution are the defense of the entire country, general conscription and military non-alignment.​​

​The Government Defence Report to Parliament provides the defence policy guidelines for maintaining and developing Finland's defence capability. The Report and its implementation ensure that Finland's defence capability meets the requirements of the operating environment.

The Defence Report and its implementation will ensure Finland's defence capability in an operating environment that is tense and unpredictable. The implementation will create the prerequisites for developing and maintaining a defence system that encompasses the entire country and all domains; it will outline the personnel requirements and economic resources required for maintaining readiness, for training of conscripts and reservists, and for developing new capabilities; and it will steer the development of international defence cooperation and national legislation.​​​​