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Parliament approved the state budget for 2023 in its single reading

Published 12/21/2022 4:00 PM
State Budget books

Parliament approved the state budget for 2023 in its single reading

Parliament completed the single reading of the 2023 budget on 21 December. The reading was based on the Finance Committee's report. All the main categories of the budget were approved in accordance with the Committee's report. At the end of the budget consideration, there was also a vote of confidence in the Government. The Government enjoyed the confidence of Parliament by a vote of 101-69.

The state budget proposal for 2023 is approximately EUR 81.3 billion, which is approximately EUR 16.4 billion more than in the actual budget of 2022. The increase in the budget is caused especially by the social and health care reform, as a result of which the state's budgetary expenditure level will rise for the whole year by around EUR 14 billion. Actions taken due to Russia's war of aggression will increase government spending by more than EUR 2 billion in 2023.

The Finance Committee increased budget expenditures by EUR 50 million, which is allocated to e.g. for reducing the road repair debt, know-how, promotion of outdoor activities and movement in nature, culture and the activities of non-governmental organizations.​

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