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Referral debate on the government report on changes in the security environment

Published 4/21/2022 10:00 AM

​Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto (Green Parliamentary Group) presented the government report.​

Referral debate on the government report on changes in the security environment

The parliamentary debate on the government report on changes in the security environment began on Wednesday, 20 April with a referral debate. The report assesses the change in Finland's security environment and the effects of the changed security situation on the economy, crisis resilience, security of supply, internal security, cyber security, hybrid influence activities and critical infrastructure.

In his presentation, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto (Green​ Parliamentary Group) stated that Russia's attack on Ukraine would have long-lasting effects on Finland's security environment. According to Haavisto, the security situation in Europe and Finland is more serious and more difficult to predict than ever after the Cold War.

According to the report, Sweden is Finland's closest bilateral partner and Russia's attack on Ukraine has further intensified co-operation between Finland and Sweden. Finland will continue to deepen foreign and security policy and defence co-operation with Sweden without pre-determined restrictions. According to the report, trilateral co-operation between Finland, Sweden and the United States is also important.

“If Finland and Sweden both joined NATO, the defense arrangements in Northern Europe could be considered as a whole. Close co-operation between Finland and Sweden during possible accession processes would be important, and simultaneous accession processes could also facilitate preparations for a possible reaction from Russia," Haavisto said.

Most of the MPs expressed a positive stance on Finland's accession to NATO. It was also considered desirable that Finland applied for membership together with Sweden. According to the report, with the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, the threshold for the use of military force in the Baltic Sea region would increase. This would increase the stability of the region in the long run.

At the end of the referral debate, the matter was referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee. After the committee's deliberations, the matter will return to the plenary for a single reading. At the end of the single reading, the so-called follow-up debate, the plenary session will adopt an opinion on the parliamentary report.

Government report on changes in the security environment

Parliamentary handling of the government report on changes in the security environment​​​​​