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The Session of the Nordic Council in October has been canceled

Published 8/20/2020 4:50 PM

The Session of the Nordic Council in October has been canceled

​Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Session of the Nordic Council will not be held in October as planned. The Nordic Council’s Presidium made this decision at its meeting on Wednesday 19 August. The meeting was held on.

The Session of the Nordic Council has traditionally been the largest Nordic political meeting where Nordic parliamentarians and ministers have had the opportunity to meet annually. The session is usually held during week 44 in the Nordic country holding the presidency that year. This year the session would have been held in Reykjavik. However, a series of political meetings in connection with the session will be arranged online. 

At its meeting, the Presidium discussed, among other things, the Nordic Council's societal security strategy and the situation in Belarus. The Presidium is responsible for parliamentary foreign and security policy co-operation.

The Presidium meeting was attended by members of the Parliament of Finland, Erkki Tuomioja (Chairman of the Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council, Social Democratic Parliamentary Group) and Wille Rydman (National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group).