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The follow-up debate on the 2022 state budget began

Published 12/14/2021 10:15 AM
Budget proposal books in the Plenary Hall

The follow-up debate on the 2022 state budget began

​The follow-up debate on the state budget for 2022 began on Tuesday, 14 December. Handling of the budget will continue throughout the week and on Monday, 20 December.

The Finance Committee issued its report on the draft budget for 2022 on Friday, 10 December. Three dissensions were appended to the report by the representatives of the Finns Party, National Coalition Party and Christian Democrats.

The total budget is around € 65 billion, which is € 3.3 billion less than in the actual 2021 budget estimate. The budget has a deficit of around € 7 billion, which will be covered by additional borrowing. At the end of 2022, government debt is estimated at around € 144 billion, or about 55 per cent of GDP.

The Finance Committee increased spending by about € 40 million, which aims to support, for example, the aftercare of the pandemic, improve the condition of the waterway network, the activities of non-governmental organizations, and outdoor activities. An increase of around € 19 million will be allocated to traffic infrastructure improving road safety, business conditions and cycling possibilities, an increase of around € 10 million for the promotion of learning and culture, and an additional € 2.7 million for environmental management and maintenance of natural sites.

The follow-up debate began with an introductory speech by the Chair of the Finance Committee. The debate will then continue with parliamentary group speeches and a speech by the Minister of Finance. After the speech by the Minister of Finance, the general discussion on the sections will begin.