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    The Library of Parliament opens 1.11.2021
    Interpellation debate on immigration and economy
    Parliament decided to introduce a COVID-19 passport and extend border entry restrictions
    Handling of the budget for 2022 continues in parliamentary committees
    Handling of the budget for 2022 begins in a preliminary debate
    Government Defence Report in preliminary debate
    Parliament discussed the need for integration reforms
    The Commission wants to continue the dialogue on strategic foresight with Parliament
    Three new MPs begin their work today
    The autumn session has begun
    The Library of Parliament opens with limited services on 4.10.2021
    The Finnish delegation to the Nordic Council proposed a Nordic student exchange programme for Belarusian students
    MP Pia Kauma running for Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
    Parliament supports the objectives of the EU's legislative proposals on digital markets and services
    Cyber security on the agenda of the joint meeting of the Baltic Assembly, the Nordic Council and the Benelux Parliament
    Parliament sends the Committee for the Future's statement on the EU's strategic foresight to the Commission
    Parliament has approved EU's own resources decision by a vote of 134-57
    Parliament will vote on EU's own resources decision on Tuesday, 18 May
    The plenary debate on EU’s own resources decision has ended
    Finance Committee: Joining the EU recovery package is in Finland's interest
    The handling of the Council Decision on EU’s own resources continues in Parliament
    Presidium of the Nordic Council: A clear need for closer Nordic parliamentary co-operation in EU affairs
    Committees may hold formal meetings remotely
    The Finnish delegation to the Nordic Council proposes a Nordic student programme for Belarusian students
    Committee for the Future heard AI probably as the first parliamentary committee in the world
    The investigation into the cyber attack on the Finnish Parliament is progressing
    Finnish Parliament approves the Joint Declaration on the Conference on the Future of Europe
    The plenary debate on the decision on EU's own resources began
    The opening of the 2021 parliamentary session
    Anu Vehviläinen continues as the Speaker of the Parliament
    A seminar on Nordic peace and conflict resolution opens Nordic Council's week
    COSAC Videoconference discussed EU’s economic recovery from the pandemic
    Cyberattack against Parliament of Finland
    The Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly will discuss the situation in Belarus
    The Grand Committee gave its statement on EU's migration and asylum policy
    The Grand Committee approves the agreement on the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework
    Parliament library closed from 26.11.2020 until further notice
    The Grand Committee adopted Parliament’s position on the European Rule of Law Mechanism
    Government Report on Finnish Foreign and Security Policy discussed at the Parliament
    The chairs of the foreign affairs committees of the Nordic and Baltic parliaments will meet with Tikhanovskaya
    Recommendation to use protective face mask in the premises of the Library of Parliament
    The Nordic Council discussed the situation in Belarus and Brexit at the Benelux Parliament's conference
    The Grand Committee adopted Parliament's position on the EU own resources system
    Kiljunen appointed Belarus rapporteur for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
    The handling of EU’s recovery package in the Finnish Parliament
    Baltic and Nordic parliamentarians express firm support to the Belarusian people on their path towards a pluralistic democracy
    Nordic Council met Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaja
    The Session of the Nordic Council in October has been canceled
    Speaker of the Parliament Vehviläinen: Coronavirus will be taken into account in the Parliament’s autumn term
    The Finnish delegation to the Council of Europe concerned about Belarus