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The Library of Parliament is open to the public. In addition to serving the Parliament of Finland, the library serves all who need parliamentary, legal, or social and political information.​



The new search service of the Library of Parliament is now onlinehttps://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/our-new-search-service-is-now-online.aspxThe new search service of the Library of Parliament is now online2017-09-04T06:45:00Z
Selma will move to Finna in Septemberhttps://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/selma-will-move-to-finna-in-september.aspxSelma will move to Finna in September2017-08-22T12:40:00Z
Women's suffrage 110 years information packagehttps://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/womens-suffrage-110-years-information-package.aspxWomen's suffrage 110 years information package2016-08-26T11:00:00Z

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Women's suffrage 110 years information packagehttps://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/tietoaeduskunnasta/kirjasto/aineistot/yhteiskunta/womens-suffrage-110-yearsWomen's suffrage 110 years information package
Information package on civic engagementhttps://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/tietoaeduskunnasta/kirjasto/aineistot/yhteiskunta/Kansalaisvaikuttamisen_tietopakettiInformation package on civic engagement
Finland as a State information packagehttps://www.eduskunta.fi/EN/tietoaeduskunnasta/kirjasto/aineistot/yhteiskunta/suomi-valtionaFinland as a State information package

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Welcome to the Library of Parliament

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