Visiting Parliament

The renovation of Parliament House is scheduled to continue until late 2017 and this will limit opportunities to visit Parliament. Plenary sessions, the Visitors' Centre in the annex and the Library of Parliament can nevertheless be accessed as usual by the public. Guided tours will begin 16. October 2017. Tours can be booked via a link on this page which will be opened in the beginning of September.

Observing a plenary session

Plenary sessions take place in the Sibelius Academy concert hall on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu during the renovation of Parliament House. The public has the opportunity to observe all plenary sessions from the gallery. The door (Eduskuntakatu 4) is opened 15 minuter prior to the beginning of the session.

NB! The public gallery of the temporary plenary session hall at the Sibelius Academy is not fully accessible for people with disabilities.

Instructions for visiting Parliament

Everybody will be subjected to a security check when visiting Parliament. Drink bottles and snacks will be taken away at the security check and returned when leaving. We recommend not taking food or drink on your visit. 

Public transport is the easiest way to get to Parliament. The walk from the Central Railway Station or the Kamppi bus terminal is less than a kilometre long. Parliament does not provide parking for private motorists. Paid parking spaces belonging to the City of Helsinki and private parking buildings can be found in the vicinity of Parliament.

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