Government reports on changes in the security environment​

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a fundamental change has taken place in the security and operating environment of Finland and Europe. 

During the spring of 2022, Parliament handled two government reports on the changing security environment and foreign policy situation. The referral debate of the first government report (Report on Changes in the Security Environment) took place on 20 April. The referral debate of the second government report (Report on Finland's Accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) took place on 16 May. 

Both government reports were referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee for a committee report. Administration Committee, Agriculture and Forestry Committee, Commerce Committee, Committee for the Future, Defence Committee, Education and Culture Committee, Employment and Equality Committee, Finance Committee, Legal Affairs Committee and Transport and Communications Committee submitted statements to the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Speaker's Council has set up a parliamentary coordination group​, whose task is to ensure the flow of information between the various actors during the time when Parliament is considering a government report.

The Foreign Affairs Committee report on both government reports was issued on 17 May. The Committee agreed with the Government position that Finland must apply for membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to strengthen its security. In its plenary session on the same day, Parliament adopted the position of the Foreign Affairs Committee after a vote 188-8 in favour. Parliament also required that the Government keeps it informed of the progress of the membership process.