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Plenary Meeting of the LXII COSAC

1.12. - 3.12.2019

Plenary Meeting of the LXII COSAC

COSAC is a Conference of the committees of the national Parliaments of the European Union Member States dealing with the European Union affairs as well as representatives of the European Parliament.

The Helsinki COSAC will be one for open political discussion, hopefully leading to future European action. COSAC will recognise two milestones.

Twenty years have passed since the Tampere European Council started the comprehensive EU cooperation in justice and internal security that we take for granted today. Ten years ago, the EU took a massive step towards political cohesion by integrating into its acquis the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The presidency invites delegations to take stock of achievements in these fields and to suggest where the EU should go from here. Also, the mutual dynamic of security and fundamental rights may merit some reflection.

COSAC will also debate “A winning climate strategy for Europe”. Based on keynote introductions from European innovators, delegations are invited to discuss how climate and energy policy can be the basis for a new era of economic progress in Europe.

Finally, the presidency will devote some time to discussing COSAC itself. What are we doing right and what can we improve? The presidency hopes that this might be the basis for a process of renewing and revitalising the work of COSAC.

Marina Congress Center

Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland