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Inter-parliamentary Conference on Asylum and Immigration Issues

8.9. - 9.9.2019

Inter-parliamentary Conference on Asylum and Immigration Issues

The Inter-parliamentary Conference on Asylum and Immigration Issues provides a platform for discussion on the present state and the future of European migration and asylum policy.

The Tampere agenda was approved twenty years ago during Finland’s first presidency of the Council of the European Union. One of the goals was the establishment of the Common European Asylum system. Over the past years, legislative action towards this goal has taken the form of directives. There remain, however, many discrepancies in the standards and practices of the different Member States.

Since 2015, migratory pressure on Europe’s external borders has increased in the form of migration from the Middle East and from Africa across the Mediterranean Sea. In response, the Commission has presented urgent legislative proposals to create a Common European Asylum System. However, in 2019, the proposals for Regulations are still under consideration.

It thus seems useful to meet at the parliamentary level to discuss the present state of migration and asylum policies and the measures that need to be taken. Developing a uniform European migration and asylum policy is essential not only for the Member States but also for the European Union and its future. At the same time, it is important to assess the migratory pressures of the upcoming decades and how to respond to them.

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Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki, Finland