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Photos and videos

Photos and videos

The Parliament of Finland produces photos, videos and webcasts from the inter-parliamentary events organized in Helsinki. All material is available for the media free of charge, except for the interpreted audio of the live streaming (see details below).

​Most of the sessions will be webcasted live on as well as the press conferences of the presidency.

Photos taken during the sessions and events (including the family photo) will be published on the Flickr account of the Finnish parliament.

Terms and conditions for the use of images

Videos and live broadcasts

You can save, edit and copy the broadcasts with the following terms and conditions:

  • The source must be mentioned: Eduskunta – Parliament of Finland
  • The contents must not be altered or applied to a different context
  • You must not use the graphic designs of the Parliament of Finland or or other designs protected by copyright
These terms and conditions apply to broadcasts with audio from the meeting room (floor audio). The interpretation audio must not be used without permission from the copyright holder.

Videos related to the presidency will be published on the website and on the online video streaming service of the Parliament of Finland.